How A Short Squeeze Works

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When the price falls, you buy the shares from the open market and deliver them to the original owner to profit from the difference because the buy price is lower than the price you sold at. The most recent short squeeze was the nickel market in March 2022. Leading into the event various physical producers, including Tsingshan Holding Group, were positioned with significant shorts, either on an uncovered basis or held against production. The catalyst for the short squeeze was the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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The kindling needed to a short squeeze is a stock for which many investors hold short positions. Of course, you can't simply sell what you don't own with no consequences -- at some point, those borrowed shares have to be returned. When that day comes, the investor needs to buy shares in the market to be able to return them to the lender. If the investor is correct and the share price has indeed declined, let's say to $70, then the investor will make $30 in profit. They sold borrowed shares for $100, repurchased them for $70, returned the shares, and pocketed the difference.

What happens after a short squeeze?

The price increase encourages more buyers, which promotes an often-irrational bullish sentiment, and literally ‘squeezes’ sellers out of the market. However, the company follows up the short-seller's report with evidence that there is no fraud, and its shares start to rise. Short-sellers who had bet on the stock declining realize that they are wrong, so they start buying shares to cut their losses. The stock keeps on rising as more and more short-sellers buy shares to cover their positions, which in turn convinces other investors to buy shares. The short-interest ratio measures the number of days it would take all short-sellers to exit their positions based on the average daily trading volume. The higher the short-interest ratio, the greater the chance of a squeeze.


To illustrate this process, let’s say that you short a stock at $25, so it can’t go lower than $0 — meaning your maximum profit is $25. However, if the price of the shorted stock rises, you will lose money. The loss will increase as the price continues to rise, and this could continue indefinitely. The only way to stop the hemorrhaging is to close out the short position by buying the stock and settling your debt. Since a short seller’s buying decision for a stock makes a stock’s price increase, this ultimately leads to other short sellers buying to exit the position.

It’s important to the risks with any investment strategy, but most importantly, how short and long positions in stocks can be a benefit or detriment to your investment portfolio. When short sellers enter into the second phase to purchase ABC stock back, this makes them buyers. Therefore, if buyers are purchasing ABC stock and short sellers are buying back ABC stock, the share price of ABC stock will continue to increase.

It is an unusual circumstance that causes the price of a security to rise quickly. Ackman had spent $1 billion shorting Herbalife when trading at roughly $45. One of his greatest rival hedge fund managers, Carl Icahn, publicly disagreed with his bet and, as a result, took 26% of Herbalife shares. This made him the company’s largest shareholder, allowing him to make over $1 billion in the next few years. When Ackman exited the short position a few years later, it traded at more than $90 a share.

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Short Interest Ratio

However, short-sellers eventually lost $8 billion collectively, after Tesla stock went up by 400%. A short squeeze is when market prices rise rapidly beyond what analysts and market participants had expected. According to some estimates, Tesla stock had been one of the most shorted stocks in history. Even so, the price has gone through a number of sharp rises, likely trapping a lot of short sellers. A short squeeze happens when the price of an asset sharply increases due to a lot of short sellers being forced out of their positions. It is probably the most famous example of a short squeeze in recent years.

Sellers of naked call options see their potential loss increase as the stock price rises. They can hedge their position by purchasing the stock at any time before the option is exercised, which converts their naked calls into covered calls. Regardless of a stock’s performance and whether or not it performs well, the short seller will always have to return the borrowed stock to their broker. The short seller can pocket a profit from using this strategy, but the losses that can be accrued from this may outweigh the potential gains.

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  • It is enough for at least some of them to begin to close short positions ahead of schedule in a panic, and the price will start rising, encouraging other traders to buy.
  • With derivatives, you do not actually own the underlying share, but rather speculate on its price movements.
  • For them, this is even an opportunity to earn extra money on swing trading, as one can sell at the high of the short squeeze and buy after the price rolls back.

The acquired is used to settle outstanding debt, and the short seller pockets the difference between the initial sale price and the purchase price. When it comes to short selling and short squeezes, there are a couple of important data points to monitor. Short squeezes only happen when a lot of traders have shorted the same stock. Given that short squeezes can create those kinds of gaudy returns, it's worth reviewing what exactly a short squeeze is. The announcement caught the hedge funds and short-sellers off guard, as with Porsche’s new 74.1% stake and the German governments holdings, there were fewer than 6% of VW shares available to trade.

How Does a Short Squeeze Work?

Now imagine the company publishes a positive press release and its share-price rises significantly to more than $120 apiece within just a few days. In this position, you are highly likely to profit from short sellers who are betting against the stock because the company. In spectacular situations, however, the stock may rise times in value, sometimes over just a few days. These situations are sometimes called the “mother of all short squeezes” and they can be tremendously lucrative for long investors and ruinous for short sellers. One of the most famous recent examples of a short squeeze was the massive rise of GameStop stock in 2021. A short squeeze typically unfolds after a stock’s been declining in price for some time.

Short sellers got hammered, collectively losing about $8 billion. The Eurogroup is an informal body where the finance ministers of the eurozone discuss matters relating to their shared responsibilities related to the euro. Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format.

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Beware that short squeezes happen quickly, so you’ll need to closely monitor prospective stocks and ensure that you don’t chase a squeeze too long after it has started. A short squeeze setup typically requires a catalyst of some kind to turn into a short squeeze in action. Remember, as long as the stock is continuing to trend downward or flat, it’s possible that the short sellers were right about the negative price trajectory and that no squeeze will develop. Stocks with relatively high liquidity that are most often shorted by traders become the target for a short squeeze.

The information in this site does not contain investment advice or an investment recommendation, or an offer of or solicitation for transaction in any financial instrument. In this article, we will look at the new fundamental analysis tool for positional trading and investing based on the volumes of funds transferred in the coin blockchain. Any formal reason is needed to start a short squeeze—collusion, news, good financial statements, anything that will trigger purchases.

Chart showing the price movement and volume during the 2008 short squeeze of Volkswagen shares. If you see a sudden uptick in the overall number of shares bought, this could be a warning sign of a pending short squeeze. Investors and hedge funds that had shorted the stock were caught off guard and suffered massive losses, and some ended up taking legal action against Porsche SE. So if the SIR is 3, then that means it would take 3 days at the average volume levels for shorts to buy back their shares.

Well-known short squeezes: Tesla and Gamestop

The funds lost about $6 billion, and some of them were forced to close. The main mistake of the short sellers is the belief that buyers will not have enough volumes to break through the critical level, and the growth is a temporary correction to the overall downtrend. When the active phase of the short squeeze begins, every hour incurs big losses for sellers; the price rises so fast that the stops are triggered with slippage. At the initial stage of a short squeeze in the accumulation zone, the price rises slowly.

The elevated price is largely due to a bullish, albeit unproven, case for improved prospects and near-term profitability. Investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal, and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved. A short squeeze is a quick path to getting a lot of juice out of a stock. The main reason behind the bearish sentiment is that Tesla’s valuation is so high compared to its earnings, leading many to believe it’s overbought. As an enticing short selling candidate, the stock was expected to drop.

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