Goodbye Letter to Addiction

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Take a look at our state of the art treatment center. A treatment facility paid to have their center promoted here. Learn more about how to be featured in a paid listing. With the help, love, and support of God, as well as my family and counselors, I crawled out of the dirt and fought back. I remember when you first came into my life.

  • You will become an individual who has been able to make a difference in the lives you interact with.
  • What do you hope to gain by becoming sober?
  • You are working so hard to survive but everyone is saying no.
  • Sitting down and penning a message to a future self might not even make sense during the physical act of writing.

When a person practices self-love, they view themselves as important and deserving. Still, there needs to be a note here that self-love does not equal entitlement or provide an excuse to harm others. It may help to think of self-love in building blocks, with the foundation as your basic needs, such as food and shelter. Then build out what makes you feel happy and taken care of from there. The journey to recovery is a long process. As you make progress, keep updating your letter or write new ones. Positivity can assist you in overcoming self-defeating and negative thoughts.

How can we change stigmatizing behavior?

It helps us too and I believe the more you tell yourself these things, the more you will believe them...For they are so true. You are a bright, talented, caring and beautiful woman with so much to give to the world and so much life to live. And my life literally did at that time- but I like to think of the same thing and apply it to what I'm dealing with emotionally now. So, I feel like I'm taking a deep breath and saying to myself, "Okay, Heather. You have to learn to like yourself. Your life really depends on it." I WISH I WAS TAKING WRITING - I have been in college for wwaaayyy too long. I am glad I have a safe place to unleash my feelings where there is no judgement.

addiction letter to self

The following letter is what I came up with. If there are any concerns about content we have published, please reach out to us at Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older.

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I love you and I pray and pray that you will soon begin to feel it. Even if you must begin again everyday- do so with the commitment to changing your way of thinking so it affirms your life and it's importance and does not contribute to keeping you down. Now that we know what self-love is (and isn’t), let’s explore how to express it. There are many, many ways to practice self-love. It all comes down to you and your unique happiness. Some people practice by going for a run, others affirm their love in the mirror and some express it with special treats.

  • You know you keep waking up at 3am feeling guilty, with a bursting bladder, pounding head and sick guts.
  • For me, it was such a love-hate bond we had under the false pretense that I “needed” you to have fun, be social or to handle my emotions and stress.
  • The young girl filled with innocence, love and compassion that once existed.
  • I tell you, 16-year-old me, that story for a very important reason.
  • Remind yourself that you can do this, and that drugs and alcohol do not need to control your life.

You will finally see the power of a higher power in your life. And life will take on a new meaning, life will become the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced. So don’t you dare think twice about not doing this. You will make it through everything, the heart break, the withdrawal, the cravings, the insecurity, the pain, the doubt, the relapses, all of it. You will make it through and you will eventually be sitting here writing this letter like I am now.

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addiction letter to self

I told you a short story about our life. Didn’t I promise you this was worth reading? You have succeeded to our own expectations. You do strive to reach your full potential and you are making a great life, even though there was much pain, horror, sorrow, and times where you gave up.

Loving an Addict, While Caring for Myself

It can fire up your determination to leave drugs and alcohol behind. The Key Transitions team is dedicated to delivering highly informative content to our audience to help families deal with adolescent issues. Our team writes content based on clinical knowledge, experience and is often supported with evidence. The references are always highly credible, and all of our content is fact-checked, uniquely written, with zero plagiarism. Our content goes through strict guidelines before publication. I see your struggles with being in recovery, with more pain than joy. It’s a time in your life where the scales are not balanced.

Your goodbye letter can come in handy in the future. When things get tough in your recovery process, you can read the letter to remind yourself why you decided to get sober in the first place. This might provide the extra motivation you need to goodbye letter to addiction stay on track and avoid a relapse. It’s easy, and confidential – call us to learn about the different teen treatment programs we offer. As a person who has never struggled with drug or alcohol addiction, I can only speak from that perspective.

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